Toddler Class

At Fairytale Daycare, we’re delighted to introduce our Toddler Class program, specially crafted to support the unique needs and development of children aged 2-3 years old. Here’s what makes our Toddler Class program extraordinary:

Nurturing Environment Our Toddler Class provides a warm and inviting environment where your child can thrive. We understand the importance of a secure and nurturing atmosphere for toddlers, and our dedicated staff members are committed to creating a safe and supportive space where your child can explore, learn, and grow.

Play-Based Learning Toddlers learn best through play, and our curriculum reflects this philosophy. Our program offers a balance of structured activities and free play, allowing children to engage in hands-on exploration and discovery. From sensory play and art activities to music and movement sessions, we provide a variety of experiences that stimulate your child’s curiosity and creativity.

Language Development Language development is a key focus of our Toddler Class program. We incorporate storytelling, songs, rhymes, and conversation into daily routines to promote language acquisition and communication skills. Our teachers encourage verbal expression and provide ample opportunities for your child to practice listening, speaking, and interacting with others.

Socialization Skills Toddlers are beginning to navigate the world of social interactions, and our program supports their social development in a nurturing environment. Through small group activities, cooperative play, and guided interactions, children learn important social skills such as sharing, taking turns, and expressing emotions. Our goal is to foster positive relationships and help your child develop confidence and empathy.

toddler class
toddler class

Fine and Gross Motor Skills Physical development is a crucial aspect of toddlerhood, and our program incorporates activities that promote both fine and gross motor skills. From stacking blocks and stringing beads to climbing and jumping, children engage in activities that help them develop coordination, strength, and balance. Our outdoor play area provides ample space for active exploration and movement.

Individualized Attention We recognize that each child is unique, and we strive to meet the individual needs and interests of every child in our care. Our low child-to-teacher ratio ensures that your child receives personalized attention and support as they navigate this important stage of development. Our teachers observe, assess, and adapt activities to meet your child’s evolving needs and abilities.

Family Engagement We believe that families play a crucial role in their child’s early learning journey. We maintain open lines of communication with parents and caregivers, providing regular updates on your child’s progress and development. We welcome your input and involvement in our program and strive to build strong partnerships that support your child’s growth and well-being.

Join the Fairytale Family We invite you to join us on an enchanting adventure of learning and discovery at Fairytale Daycare. Schedule a tour today to experience our Toddler Class program firsthand and see how we can partner with you in nurturing your child’s development. Together, let’s create magical moments and lay the foundation for a bright future!