Important Updates on School Budget Cuts: What Parents Need to Know

We hope this message finds you well. We want to keep you informed about some significant updates regarding the upcoming changes to the Department of Education (DOE) budget, as announced by Mayor Adams. Understanding these changes and their potential impact on our schools is crucial for our community.

Overview of the Proposed Budget Cuts

Mayor Adams has announced a series of budget reductions for the DOE, which include:

  1. $120 Million Cut to 3K/Pre-K Programs: This reduction will affect early childhood education programs, potentially limiting access and resources for our youngest learners.
  2. $286 Million Cut to Funded DOE Positions: This will impact staffing across the DOE, affecting various positions that support our students and school operations.
  3. $96 Million Cut to After-School Programs, Substitute Teachers, Per-Session Pay, and Summer Rising: These cuts could lead to fewer after-school activities and summer programs, as well as reduced availability of substitute teachers.
  4. Adjustments to Summer Rising Program: Changes include cuts to the hours, days, and eligible ages for participation in the Summer Rising program, which provides important educational opportunities during the summer months.
  5. $109 Million Reduction Due to Enrollment: Funding for 653 schools will be adjusted based on enrollment numbers, which may impact resources and services provided to students.

Additionally, the mayor has proposed an extra 5% cut and requested city agencies to prepare plans for these reductions. He has indicated that a third round of cuts, of equal size, might be implemented before June.

Legal Actions and Community Response

In response to these proposed budget cuts, the United Federation of Teachers (UFT), along with individual teachers, has filed a lawsuit in Manhattan State Supreme Court on December 21. The goal is to address concerns about the impact these budget reductions may have on our schools.

We understand that these changes may be concerning, but together, we can work to support our schools and ensure the best possible outcomes for our students. Thank you for your continued involvement and dedication to our children’s education.

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