About Us

About Us

Since 2014 we've been offering the best child care in Queens.

At Fairytale Preschool Center, we aim to provide an inclusive environment where every single child can excel and grow. Moreover, our programs and extracurricular activities are shaped to fit every type of child so that everyone in the class can develop individually. We exhibit our beliefs through our professional care, dedicated chefs; as well as a secure environment. All these factors ensure that your child will feel comfortable to learn and play. safety procedures
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  • Extra-curricular Activities
  • Qualified Staff
  • Planned Nutrition
Our extracurricular options are designed to expand your child’s mind in a fun and safe environment. Learn while having fun with activities such as karate, zumba and second languages like Russian! Some more activities offered at Fairytale include:
  • Music
  • Gymnastics
  • Art
  • Spanish.
Each of our staff members has years of experience and education to ensure the highest quality of childcare is provided to your little ones. They are trained to cultivate the perfect environment where every child feels included, comfortable and motivated to learn. Each of our programs is also tailor made to the developmental stage your kids are in.
  • Extensive experience
  • In depth education
  • Quality guidance
  • Create comfortable atmospheres
We understand the importance of a healthy and balanced meal plan - especially during such crucial developmental stages. That’s why Fairytale’s exceptional chef provides only the highest quality food to your children to make sure they have the fuel they need to learn new things and explore.
  • Balanced meal plan
  • Kosher kitchen
  • Quality foods
  • Healthy food your kids will want to eat!
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